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Learning in the flow just got easier

Most learning platforms want you to spend more and more time reading content.  Inpart focuses on short, sharp "learning snippets" designed to give you just enough information to perform the task at hand.

We don't want people to be addicted to our learning experience platform, we want them to learn something, apply it and go back to work.

"In the flow" is the core concept of inpart.  Why would you spend hours learning how to do something upfront before you needed to?

That's how traditional e-learning works, you sit for hours and hours at the start of a new job to learn all the processes and procedures.  Then when you actually need to perform the activity months later you have forgotten everything.

Inpart splits these old fashioned e-learning modules into many short, searchable "learning snippets".

All the knowledge is at your finger-tips, when you want it, just in time.

Got no content?

Yes you do!

Inpart works with all your existing content and assets, including PowerPoint files and PDFs.

You don't need to spend thousands generating content in just the right format.

You can embed a series of YouTube videos, or even snap a picture of a flipchart and embed it into a "learning snippet".

Inpart automatically makes your content work on mobile - so no need to worry about that either.

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