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Super creative project experts

Our experience

Having worked within the project industry, we shared your frustration in using the existing 'project' software solutions. The typically over-complicated user experience is compounded by the price and approach to licensing, which is often inflexible and requires large upfront commitment.

The difference

We decided we wanted to do it differently. Our software is:

  • Cost effective – simple per user, or per project pricing with direct invoicing to projects
  • Flexible – we know your business changes, and our software is designed to be able to change with you (e.g. the system supports ad-hoc name, structure and hierarchy changes) lowering the overall cost to maintain your data
  • Fast and intuitive – as users ourselves, we have designed engage with you in mind
  • Cloud only provided as software-as-a-service – this means that it’s easy to pay for and ready to use

Our goals

We are a small young team of passionate and dedicated software engineers with project delivery experience. We have a keen interest in applied AI, Machine Learning, automation and GIS mapping and are always looking at ways to use technology to improve our lives.

We pride ourselves on outstanding, personal and responsive customer service. Our goal is to build beautiful and feature rich software that not only saves you time and cost but improves the quality of the projects you deliver.

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