Organise your content, train your stakeholders

  • Helps you organise and represent large volumes of existing content
  • Get usage uplift by increasing the relevance of your content and rating its effectiveness
  • Curate large volumes of documentation in an easy to digest format
  • Save time and costs on your ISO certification or demonstrate your compliance without ISO
  • Reduce team and staff costs maintaining your management system
  • Integrate with your existing internal software (e.g. SharePoint, Intranets, Confluence)
  • Tailored solutions for your area that your enterprise software just doesn’t cater for

Develop and curate content

Your customisable content management tool

  • Customised layouts that you can embed back into your own platforms
  • Deliver blogs or reorder your existing content to serve a specific user group
  • Store and manage your documents in a hierarchical and easily searchable interface
  • Develop and deploy your content, set owners and reminders of when it needs renewal
  • Score your content through net promotor scores so you know what works, and what needs improvement

Deploy eLearning and Training

Use your content or develop new content to train your staff

  • Upload or integrate existing content
  • Categorise your content by role, grade or project type
  • Develop inductions, courses, tests and quizzes
  • Monitor and measure results, see who still hasn’t been trained
  • Award certificates on completion
  • Receive feedback and improve your content

Measure, monitor & analyse

Rate and improve your content, measure training effectiveness

  • Customisable site analytics to follow users’ journeys through your content, measure what is being downloaded
  • Demonstrate consumption of content and uptake, keep driving usage for your sites
  • Report on usage over time and measure return on investments

Benefit From our ever-growing collection of Plugins

Integrate parts of our functionality within your existing systems

  • Plugins include everything from Net Promoter Scores, eLearning delivery, Chatbots, Comments & Content Analytics. All as fully supported software as a service
  • Can be installed as a plugin on any platform e.g. Confluence or SharePoint
  • Each of our plugins comes with a fully featured administration panel to see results, add users and administer workflows

No-nonsense pricing

Simple, flat pricing structure.

About us

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