A modular approach to building your systems

Mix and match your functionality then embed them into your current solution

Custom Layouts

$500 per month per site

Use new or existing content and develop customised layouts for your users and groups to ease consumption of large volumes of data. Show them only what’s relevant. Includes sticky stories and content that will always stay on top. Syncs with all your existing content.


$50 per month per site

Embed and maintain a blog as a service within your content. Highlight new stories, news and increase the stickiness of your site to keep visitors coming back more regularly.


$500 per month per module

Develop your eLearning modules using modern delivery practices. Short videos, inductions, documents, quizzes and certificates. Demonstrate the use of your content in enabling the competency of your staff.

Net Promotor Score

$10 per month per page

Embed ratings for content using globally defined standards. Find out what’s working and what needs improvement, demonstrate your management systems are being used and improved.

Comments & questions

$10 per month per page

Enable comments next to your content to allow users to ask questions and subject matter experts to reply. Administrators can moderate all content and determine who can reply based on the page.


$500 per month per site

An AI chatbot that can have the first crack at answering a users content or serve up information to the user is looking for. Saving your team time and effort in directing staff.


$500 per month per site

See who is clicking what, track which content is working and which is not. Can work with any existing solution that can access the internet.

Lessons Learned

$500 per month per site

Capture your lessons learned in an easy to use and customisable format. Rate your content and authors, promote your content by discipline and project type. Private and Public facing available. Roll up by branch, division and across entire sectors or Government.

Attachment Upkeep

$500 per month per site

Keeping on top of your attachments when they are spread all over your site is hard to do.  This tool gives you visibility of all attachments no matter where they are and lets you track review dates, owners and where they appear throughout the site.



We offer installation and integration services to accompany these plugins, providing a low hassle, hands-off implementation approach.  Please contact us if you would like to know more about this service.

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